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Ball Position

One question I get asked a lot during a golf lesson is “Where should the ball be positioned?” There is a simple answer, however it’s different for everyone.

Answer: The ball should be positioned just prior to the club head reaching the bottom most portion of the forward swing. Generally, this is somewhere to the left of the center of the stance.

There are lots of factors that can affect where this is. A player with limited lateral motion may want to place the ball closer to the center of their swing, versus a player that has more body weight shift.

During your practice sessions hit five balls, then move the ball position back 1 inch and see what results you get, then move it forward 1 inch from your normal position and see the results. Your swing will tell you where the best position is. If you're still having issues or have more questions on how to improve your golf swing, come see Eman or myself in the golf shop and book a lesson.

Mike Madore, PGA

Agave Highlands

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