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Course Update: January 2021

New Golf Carts: Unfortunately, the new gas EzGo golf carts have been delayed a few weeks. We are told they are in production and we are set for a February delivery. There were hold ups between EzGo and the bank paperwork that caused the delay. The 2021 rates with $5 increase for cart rounds will go into effect once the new carts are in rotation. WE ARE VERY EXCITED FOR THE NEW FLEET! Hang in there golfers..

Odor from reclaimed water in ponds: Over the past several months there has been a noticeable odor coming from the treated water we receive from the Waste Water plant VSF uses. The three parties involved, VSF HOA, Wallace Wastewater, and Agave Highlands have been working alongside the ADEQ to solve the problem. ADEQ tells us the source of the odor stems from high Nitrogen levels in the treated water. To resolve that problem more air in the water is needed to aid the Nitrogen in the natural process. The treatment plant has been notified to decrease the Nitrogen levels of the water that feeds our holding ponds. The recommendation for Agave Highlands was to install aeration units in the ponds to aid that process. The installation of the aeration units is complete, they are operational. We are warned the odor may get a bit worse before it gets better. We look forward to seeing this resolved quickly.

New Restaurant:

The agreement with the new group to rent our restaurant is still underway. The new group has some loose ends to button up and minor renovation to complete before they open. We are told they are looking at February opening. More to come as updates become available.  


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